yes mama are A sketch and character comedy duo performing in the uk.

“Strong chemistry, quirky sensibilities and an admirable commitment to pace [...] Cara Lea and Alex Nash combine strong performance, unpredictability and solid jokes in a  thoroughly entertaining package.”
— Chortle

Alex and Cara first caught each others eye on the first day of university back in 2011. Alex had tried everything to make friends, including traipsing the halls with a freshly baked chocolate cake in the hope that someone would at least give him eye contact. Luckily, he soon found himself in the company of Cara, who within minutes of meeting him lent him her only spare mug. Awww.

A friendship of the ages was born! (It was later revealed Cara did not want to let him use the mug due to his 'freakish' physical appearance.) Years of angelic harmonising, not so angelic drinking (oooh nawwwtiii) and laughing later,  the duo began to make comedy together. 

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- Cara is 49 years old, and Alex only 13.

- Winners of the 2017 Brighton Fringe Audience Choice Award

-This is not a real donut. (Zoom in and see 4 urself!)


Both performers are charismatic and likeable on stage and hold the attention of the gathering with their affable, easy going and mischievous nature. Dawson is an expressive, free-wheeling clown who delights in goading both her co-presenter and the crowd. Nash is the perfect foil; a larger than life character, dipping his toes into the grotesque and a marvellously disruptive influence.
— Reviews hub
“An odd looking duo [...] superb!”